We are a digital platform that provides the opportunity to conduct foreign trade in a trustable community, enables target audiences to be found by both exporters and importers, offers one-to-one communication with decision-makers, and provides social media services to traders. Although you think that the system makes sense, if there are still some question marks in your mind, then this article will support your decision to join Coimex.

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1) How Is Coimex Different From Other Digital Platforms?

In cooperation with local chambers of commerce, only companies that are high quality and trustable are being accepted to Coimex. Coimex is very different from solutions like TradeAtlas, which works like a static catalog and is closed to interaction, and traditional marketplace solutions like IndiaMart and Alibaba, which are suitable for spot shopping and contain many companies of different qualities. After becoming a member, you not only reach trustable companies in your target audience and communicate directly with decision-makers, you can also develop long-term relationships through a social media platform where you can share your announcements and have conversations about foreign trade.


2) How Can I Be Sure Without Trying the Product?

In foreign trade, the time needed for trust-based and good relations to be established is more than one or two months. It is thought that after you become a member of our system, you can be matched with an average of 1-3 companies per month. After two months of being a member of our system, you can cancel your membership, if you are not satisfied with it. The best thing you can do as a member is to exhibit the maximum number of products your package allows in these first two months and see if you can get results quickly.

dış ticaret platformu

3) Will I be able to get a return on my investment?

You will acquire visibility in the digital world once you have a Coimex membership. Coimex eliminates the need for you to trade solely physically by bringing foreign trading to a trustable platform. Even if you don’t have a website, the membership features will allow you to display your company and its products 24/7. With a single click, you can directly contact the company’s decision makers and check their profiles, prior transactions, scores, and comments. You’ll make a great return on your investment and save time and money with your first trade in a year.

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4) Will I be able to reach the companies in my target audience?

After you become a member of Coimex, we predict that you will find 1-3 companies per month that are suitable for your target market among trustable importer and exporter members separated by geographical region and product categories. Our member application process is carefully managed, and we work in association with chambers of commerce. Therefore, there are few but very qualified companies in the system. Coimex aims to find reliable and qualified companies for its members, right in their target audience. This helps ensure that trade is carried out on a trusted platform, and with carefully selected companies that are trustable. 

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5) Does it appeal to companies with narrow marketing budgets?

Yes, it does. Today, regardless of whether you are a large or small company, you need to have a modern website, advertise on Google, Linkedin, and social media, and allocate a budget for fairs, events, customer visits, and training in order to be competitive and not fall behind. Coimex provides you with a membership at a much lower cost than you would spend on other digital channels, and the opportunity to instantly contact and directly seize opportunities with those who are suitable for your target audience among the reliable companies selected, without causing you to get lost in the digital world. 

If you found answers to your questions after this article and the system made sense to you, we would like to see you in our community of reliable traders. Come join us now.

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