How the find trustworthy companies, this question leads us to concept of trust. The trust of your potential customer in your product and company will enable them to establish business contacts with you and this will increase the volume of your business. Trust is one of the most important topics for foreign trade companies.


In addition to traditional ways of trading, online commerce has increased the importance of learning and confirming the trustability of a company in the digital environment. In this article, we will share with you how to find trustworthy companies on the digital environment.

If people looking to buy your products from other countries have plain and easy access to your company information over the Internet, they will trust you and connect with you. Therefore, it is very important to position yourself as a trustworthy company in digital.

What Are the Current Problems Regarding Trust in Foreign Trade?

On the way to get an answer for how to find trustworthy companies on the Internet, one of the biggest problems in foreign trade is trust. Enterprises without commercial status approved by the competent authorities who do not import or export, but pretend to operate, are misleading other enterprises who really want to do foreign trade. Some digital foreign trade platforms may involve companies that are not actively trading in their system, making their members look more crowded than they really are. Although these companies are not currently engaged in foreign trade, they can display product offers and requests on these platforms as if they are engaged in foreign trade. Sharing your personal information with unauthorized people could cause your company’s security to be undermined. Is the company you have in mind trustable, does the company have up-to-date contact information, and does the company actively engage in foreign trade? You are strongly advised to take a look at these topics.

How Can a Company's Trustability be Assessed in Digital?

The first place to look should be the company’s website to see if the company is trustable. The website of the companies is also an online identity of the companies. The following are things to look for when investigating a company’s trustability on the Internet.
  1. Does the site have the company’s logo?
  2. How corporate is the company’s website?
  3. What products are on the company’s website?
  4. Does the company’s website contain a clear and unambiguous address and other contact information?
  5. Are there online reviews about this company or its products?
Other companies will also investigate you online to get to know you and see if you are a trusted business. Therefore, building your website and your communication with your customers along with these trust factors and revamping your existing information along these lines will go a long way for you and your business.

How Does Coimex Solve The Trust Problem In Foreign Trade?

Only companies that are rigorously selected in cooperation with local chambers of commerce, whose business activities are approved and trusted, are accepted into the Coimex community. Companies that will become members of the Coimex system go through several stages. Only trustable companies that can complete this verification and approval process will be included in the system. As a result, companies engaged in foreign trade can conduct safe and sustainable foreign trade with companies that actually exist, actively transact, and publish authentic product offers through a post-based platform with 24/7 visibility.

How Does Coimex's Verification System Work?


Companies to be included in the Coimex system go through a verification and certification process that consists of several stages. The Chamber of Commerce, with Coimex, checks whether a company is registered in the Chamber of Commerce to which they are affiliated. At the same time, the registration documents and documents of these companies are reviewed during the approval process. At the end of the inspection, these documents are confirmed through the state connections, coordinating union, and liaison agencies. The company that completes this process, which is carried out with the utmost care, becomes a member of Coimex. Therefore, your company establishes sustainable commerce relationships through real-world product offers and requests by connecting with trusted companies via Coimex’s web and mobile applications.

There you have gotten a professional angle on how to find trustworthy companies.

This article is meant to help you better understand Coimex and get answers if you still have some questions.

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