Physical activities and travels were restricted within the scope of health measures due to the pandemic. Business operations, which were formerly usually physically carried out, have thus evolved into digital. In this period when exporters and importers could not travel between countries and could not participate in physical fairs, business methods were necessarily transferred to the virtual world.

What Will You Lose When You Cannot Attend Offline (Conventional) Fairs?

1- Your Cost of Reaching the Companies You Target Increases

Physical fairs offer businesses greater gains than other communication methods with their superior features and advantages. When you cannot attend a fair; Your total cost during the process you try to reach the companies there separately will be much higher than the cost of participating in that fair.

2- You Cannot Test Your Products With One-On-One Relationship

The fairs enable both the importer and the exporter to gather information about the products and test the products live in the field. When you cannot attend the fair as an exporter, you will not be able to receive important feedback on what the thoughts on your products are and how much interest your products are received by potential customers.

3- You Miss the Current Developments in the Sector

Commercial expertise fairs are organizations that enable exporter companies to meet their product ranges with importers. When you cannot attend fairs; You miss the opportunity to get the changing current demands in your target audience, information about your competitors, and marketing dynamics related to the sector directly from the communication source.

4- You Cannot Benefit From The Special Price Policy For The Fair That Does Not Decrease The Image

Traditional fairs for exporting companies; Under the heading “special for the fair”, it allows you to make special campaigns that they can apply without damaging their image (eg special discounts, price policy, and payment terms changes.) If you cannot participate in the fairs, you cannot benefit from these opportunities.

5- You Miss the Opportunity to Connect with New Dealers and Distributors

Specialization fairs provide support for the distribution policies of enterprises and the expansion of their distribution channels. When you cannot attend traditional fairs, you will be deprived of the opportunity to come together with new dealers and distributors altogether and quickly establish new connections.

6- You Miss the Efficient and Fast Sales Process

Physical fairs are useful for you in the sales process because they are set up in an area with tens of thousands of buyers. An employee at your fair stand contacts an average of 40-50 buyers a day. Specialization fairs bring intensive sales support to the integrated marketing communication activities of the enterprise in certain periods.

7- You Miss the Opportunity to Present Your Visual Identity in Important Media

Fair organizers carry out advertisements in order to attract current and potential visitors. For this purpose, they benefit from newspaper, magazine, TV, and outdoor advertisements. When you cannot participate in the fairs, you cannot benefit from low cost and high-impact advertising works for you that the fair organizers are interested in.

Could You Go To The Fair Even If The Fairs Were Open?

Fairs have a high impact, but you need to spend a lot of effort and cost to achieve this effect. Stand rental fee, travel, and accommodation fees due to city/country differences cause apparent concrete costs; In the background, the preparation process for the fair and the effort of the staff for the fair brings with it.

With all these in mind, you need to allocate a serious budget for fairs in your annual plan. To participate in a large number of fairs, you must have a sufficient workforce, time, and budget. When you do not have these resources; Regardless of whether the fairs are open or not, your participation in the fair will not have much meaning and a significant impact on you.

Coimex vs. Trade Shows

Coimex, a B2B foreign trade platform, is not a competitor, but a complement to online or offline fairs. When you continue to participate in fairs and become a Coimex member; You increase your trade volume more quickly and easily. Thanks to Coimex, you are visible in the digital world and display your products throughout your membership and in accordance with the features of your membership.

What Advantages Does Coimex Membership Provide You While Continuing to Participate in Fairs?

  1. Affordable Costs: In other communication methods, while the risk of cost and time loss is high; In the Coimex system, you do not pay extra for messaging, posting advertisements, scoring, and you will not encounter last-minute surprises.
  2. Constant Communication: You can communicate with decision-makers at fairs only on certain days of the year and during the fair. With Coimex membership, you will not miss the meeting of industry determinants, professional sellers, and buyers because you can communicate with them directly, every day of the year.
  3. Trusted Community: Coimex community; consists of buyers, sellers, and service providers who are the determinants of the sector. By joining our community; With the Coimex infrastructure, you will find the opportunity to easily connect with new dealers and distributors.
  4. Year-round Sales: Thanks to your Coimex membership, you can make your sales continue throughout the year and at a much less cost than the cost required for fair organizations.
  5. Digital Visibility: With Coimex membership, you will be visible and easily accessible in digital, thanks to your special profile where you can display your products continuously. Thus, you will find quality companies and reliable customers approved by the chambers of commerce of the countries in your target audience.
  6. Year-round Campaigns: Special advantages for fairs are offered during the fair and only for those who attend the fair. Thus, participants can benefit from advantageous prices in certain periods. At Coimex, on the other hand, you get the opportunities throughout the year and without any time constraints.

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