Coimex is not just a B2B digital platform. It is a foreign trade community where offline and online worlds come together, offering different services to buyers and sellers, and where members support each other. Coimex gets to know all member companies closely with a boutique service approach. It is well acquainted with their products and needs. Accordingly, it offers various services in different packages tailored to their needs.


As an international foreign trade community consisting exclusively of reliable companies, even in less trustworthy regions, Coimex contributes to the foreign trade of developing countries, and organizes B2B meetings for its members in the food industry.

Coimex is not merely a B2B digital platform. It is a foreign trade community where both offline and online entities converge, offering diverse services to buyers and sellers, and where members support one another. Coimex adopts a boutique service approach, getting to know each member company closely. It is well-versed in its members’ products and needs, thus providing different services in various packages tailored to their requirements.

Coimex, operating in 108 countries, is not just a digital platform but a community!

Coimex is an international food community that allows you to connect with trusted food companies from around the world and establish trust-based, long-term business relationships. With both web and mobile-based platforms exclusively for its members, Coimex’s seller members provide price quotations, while buyer members announce their product requests. However, Coimex’s contribution to your foreign trade and its services to traders are not limited to this alone.

Coimex supports its members’ collaboration by organizing both online and face-to-face B2B meetings between buyer and seller members. Coimex operates on an annual membership system, and one of the membership packages includes a service that brings buyers and sellers together through online and physical B2B meetings, facilitating end-to-end trade.

How are Coimex B2B Meetings organized?

When a dialogue begins between a buyer and a seller member on Coimex, the process unfolds as follows. The seller member displays the product on the platform along with its current price. The buyer member sees this listing promptly thanks to real-time notifications. Typically, buyer members prefer to reach out to Coimex’s Customer Success department representative rather than contacting sellers directly. They ask questions like, “I saw this listing. Who is this company, and is it suitable for our business?” They request a meeting through Coimex to get to know the company and its products better and to determine whether a business collaboration is feasible.

Salix Fruits and Stekar at Coimex B2B Meeting.

Alternatively, a buyer company may contact Coimex’s Customer Success representative, saying, “I need this particular product.” They enter the advertisement for the product they want to buy into the system. When seller members see this listing, they often prefer to contact Coimex rather than sending a direct message to the buyer. They ask questions like, “I saw this listing. Who is this company, what should I pay attention to in the trade, and how should I submit an offer?” They request a meeting through Coimex to get to know the company and its products better as listed in the advertisement.

Due to Coimex’s close familiarity with buyer members and its deep understanding of their product needs, sometimes dialogues like the following can occur: Coimex says, “Among our members, there are these suppliers. You might not have seen their listings. This supplier’s products might suit you, so let’s arrange a meeting with this company.”

Coimex schedules an online B2B meeting on a date that suits both parties. These meetings, typically lasting around 30 minutes, are conducted with video and cameras on for transparency. During the meeting, each company introduces itself and its products. They discuss the details of the listing in the system, all questions and answers, and terms. Coimex maintains a neutral stance throughout the meeting, staying equally distant from both the buyer and seller members. This ensures the protection of both parties’ interests, promotes trade, and offers support. With its in-depth knowledge of both companies, Coimex assists in negotiations regarding payment terms. Coimex team, being well-versed in the products, provides help with product details and highlights important considerations. Certificates, documents, and SGS reports are discussed for the secure progression of the foreign trade process. Coimex fosters dialogue between the two members, facilitating agreement and ensuring a secure transaction.

After the meeting, a shared WhatsApp group enables smooth communication involving both members and Coimex. Coimex follows and supports the entire process end-to-end until the trade between members is completed.

We’d like to reiterate that Coimex does not charge any commission from the trade taking place between its members. The Coimex B2B Meeting service is provided within the membership fee.

Exemplary Coimex Offline B2B Meetings

Coimex members also have the opportunity to meet amongst themselves if they wish. How do these meetings happen?

At a food fair, whether as a visitor or exhibitor, seller and buyer companies have the chance to meet.

For example: Our Kenyan avocado seller member had a booth at the Fruit Logistica Fair in Germany. Go Fresh, our member from Kuwait, who is an importer (buyer), attended the fair as a visitor. These two companies had previously connected online through Coimex organization. In fact, they conducted business following this online meeting. At the fair, they met in person, strengthening their bonds.

Coimex's Members B2B Meetings — News

Fruit Logistica Berlin — Coimex Members Came Together at the Fair 2023

Two Coimex members, Athi Farms from Kenya and Go Fresh from Kuwait, met at the Berlin Fruit Logistica Fair held in February. Both of our members shared this meeting on Coiwall, which is Coimex’s commercial social media platform.

Once again, the Kuwaiti buyer company, Go Fresh, whom we had previously connected with online, visited the Turkish seller company, Sumfresh, at their office in Bursa. These same companies met on another occasion during a different visit to Turkey.

Two Coimex Members Met in Bursa and Shaken Hands!

Two Coimex members, MST Enterprise and Go Fresh, met in Bursa and shook hands. Our two members reached an agreement regarding various fresh fruit products such as lemons and mandarins through Coimex, after a successful B2B meeting.

Coimex doesn’t just provide B2B digital platform services. It also organizes meetings between two members until the trade is realized, and offers services such as translation, process follow-up, and contract support if necessary.

A case of Translation Support

Salix, a company from India, was looking to purchase apples. They came to Turkey to visit other apple companies. They visited various apple producers in five different cities. Among the companies they visited was Sum Fresh, whom we had connected online before. These two companies met face-to-face at the hotel where the Indian representative was staying in Adana. During this meeting, when a language barrier arose, a Coimex Customer Success employee joined the meeting via phone and provided translation support to our member.

Salix Fruits and Sum Fresh, at Coimex B2B Meeting.

At Coimex, members meet through B2B meetings both online and offline, at trade fairs, or in their offices, depending on their preferences. Coimex closely follows and supports all of these visits and dialogues from start to finish. Moreover, apart from the membership fee, Coimex does not charge any commission from these business deals.

Coimex, which knows its members well and keeps track of their activities, encourages and supports its members to write their success stories. Just like these companies, you can also write a success story with Coimex. Join the Coimex community today!

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