If you do not have a website in English that is up-to-date and compatible with today’s technology, if you do not follow the digital world and do not use digital solutions for B2B, and if you only use offline traditional ways and never go online, unfortunately, it is not possible for you to export and be successful in foreign trade in today’s world. 

In the global world, if you have a digital footprint, you will be visible and reachable. 

Companies all over the world research the company on the internet before doing business or even contacting them. In this article, we share the 8 steps of digital B2B export for those who want to do foreign trade digitally and do not know exactly how to do it.  

What is Digital B2B Export?

Digital B2B export means displaying your products on the internet and selling digitally abroad, that is, to your potential B2B customers in other countries through online methods. 

Ways to Increase Your B2B Exports in Digital and What They Provide You

1. Use official government websites

In every country, websites such as the Ministry of Trade or your local chamber of commerce offer reliable and detailed information to those who want to do foreign trade, as they are official websites affiliated with the government. On these sites, you can see sectoral analysis and sectoral opportunities, as well as access up-to-date information with constantly entered data. Most of these sites also offer you training opportunities. 

2. Follow and join virtual trade delegations organized by the government

Different government bodies, such as the Ministry of Commerce take some initiatives to prevent foreign trade activities from stopping due to restricted travel and activities after the pandemic. Most governments are working on virtual trade delegations in cooperation with exporters’ associations. Thus, you can continue your foreign trade activities online without being affected by physical travel restrictions.

3. Research and take advantage of government digital incentives

Most governments have taken many steps in order for foreign trade companies to continue their commercial activities on the Internet. Some of these are membership to E-Commerce sites, virtual trade delegations. In order for you to benefit from technology at the highest level and to use digital marketing methods effectively in your commercial activities, there are many different types of incentives. Just research them. 

4. Use B2B digital platforms and take advantage of all digital opportunities

Thanks to B2B digital software and platforms, you can communicate with all companies, suppliers, sales channels, and customers with whom you have commercial relations, and follow them all on the internet. This gives you the opportunity to monitor and manage your business more easily. When you communicate with global companies by using digital platforms, it is also easier for you to reach the products displayed around the world on the internet. 

5. You will be instantly informed of instant opportunities through digital platforms

Thanks to digital platforms, you can make foreign trade and exports quickly by making prices for your products and the services you offer, taking and giving offers online in a practical way. Thanks to the services offered to you in the infrastructure of digital platforms and instant notifications, you can catch opportunities instantly. You can exhibit your products digitally and organize campaigns, so you can quickly find customers and suppliers. 

6. Participate in trainings and events organized by chambers of commerce, export unions, B2B digital platforms

Some B2B foreign trade platforms such as chambers of commerce, exporters’ associations, and Coimex organize some online trainings, events, and webinars for companies dealing with foreign trade to have more digital dominance and to export safely digitally. By participating in these online trainings and events, you can learn about the online agenda in foreign trade and learn how to maintain your business online efficiently. 

7. Participate in virtual fairs where the cost is lower than physical fairs

If you are a small to medium-sized business, attending physical fairs can be quite costly for you. By participating in virtual fairs, which are held more during the pandemic process, you come together with the companies in the sector in which you operate and you can establish new commercial connections from here. Using other online methods and digital platforms along with virtual fairs gives you a significant advantage when exporting. 

8. Create a company profile and product pages in English on B2B Export sites and digital platforms

With the company profile and product pages, you will create on B2B sites and B2B digital platforms, you can reach other companies and individuals who want to import through digital at less cost. Of course, in order to reach and be visible to both local and foreign companies, you need to create your company profile and product pages in English. 

If you do not have enough information and digital visibility on the Internet, it will be very unlikely that you will survive in today’s technological world, create a reliable company image and establish sustainable commercial relations. Remember, the more information people find about your company and products online, and the more visibility you have online, the more trustworthy they will find you. Nobody wants to work in the long term with a company that does not have enough information on the internet and does not leave a trace in the digital world. In this article, you can find what you need to do to find customers on the Internet. 

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