Coimex was selected among 151 startups in Yapı Kredi's FAST FRWRD program, which supports startups that develop technology with blockchain.

Banks’ interest in startups working on blockchain technologies is increasing day by day. Being founded in 1944, Yapı Kredi is the 3rd largest private bank in Turkey. And with its’ FAST FRWRD startup accelerator program, which is announced with the “Kick Off Event”, it provides training, mentoring, consultancy, cooperation, and PoC support to startups that develop products and services with blockchain technologies.

151 startups applied for the Yapı Kredi Fast FRWRD program, and only 13 of them were selected by the committee to officially join the program. And Coimex was one of them!

This accelerator program is realized in partnership with Avalanche, Core Strategy, and Yapı Kredi. The aim is to invest in some of the startups accepted into the program through Koç Private Equity Investment Fund, the investment mechanism of Koç Holding, Turkey’s leading investment holding company.

Startups Accepted to the Program

join-coimex-today accepted into the Fast FRWRD accelerator program include:

Ametrica: An on-chain analytics platform that facilitates data-driven investment.

Babel 3.0: It aims to carry the e-commerce operations of the publishing market to the metaverse vertical for publishers and readers, thanks to the e-book transformation it has realized with NFTized DRM technology.

Coimex: A new generation international B2B import-export system based on blockchain that helps to solve the problem of trust in foreign trade.

Court: It is a basketball management game played with upgradeable and rentable NFT cards and sustainably distributes the revenues generated through DeFi protocols to its users and investors.

DuNFT: Blockchain for entertainment, copyright protection, and earning ecosystem media platform.

Enno Wallet: A hot/cold mobile crypto wallet and decentralized finance gateway with the support of multiple blockchains, with the custody of the user.

Longstage: A blockchain-based create-to-earn metaverse platform.

OpenPad: A launchpad and decentralized venture capital project where individual investors can invest in early-stage Web 3 startups with insurance fund-backed capital from $1.

Owloper: It aims to gamify difficult DeFi issues and to be a utility hub in the NFT industry with an infrastructure that other NFT projects can also use.

Sociapol: Metaverse by Negentra, XR is a socialization and gaming platform that harnesses the power of blockchain technologies.

Tourist: Mobile application that aims to earn tokens while traveling while making virtual travel easy and accessible.

Turquise Chain: A system that allows you to easily perform financial transactions of daily life and benefit from the possibilities of the Web3 universe with a single application.

Zizy: Versatile stake2earn mechanism where users can earn crypto and NFT rewards, meet with projects that want to reach their target audience, earn their tokens, and become an early-investor in promising crypto projects.


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