As a result of the pandemic entering our lives, fairs and other events could not be held offline, so everything started to be done virtually. As in every sector, foreign trade was also affected by this situation. The things that the pandemic brought to foreign trade were webinars, online events, virtual fairs, and delegations. 

1- Why Virtual Fairs Can't Be Like Offline Fairs?


When you open a booth at the traditional tradeshow, you have the chance to exhibit your products live to all the companies at the fair. You can also exhibit your products in virtual stands in online fairs, but since there is no face-to-face communication, it becomes difficult to reflect the fact of trust and reality to the other party. 

2- Why don't the 24/7 Fairs Provide the Expected Effect?

Some virtual fairs position themselves indefinitely, calling themselves 24/7 fairs, however, this is confusing. The word “fair” in the dictionary is defined as “an exhibition opened for a certain time, in a certain place, to display commercial goods”. When there is no time limit, both the participant and the visitor do not show enough appreciation and the desired effect cannot be achieved. 

3- What are the Pros and Cons of a Virtual Fair?

a- Making choices appropriate to your target audience


Virtual fairs can be good or bad to reach your target audience. This is entirely up to you… If you do not have a filtering system, you may encounter many companies that are not in your target audience. In order not to get lost in the virtual world, you need to attend the right virtual fair that is suitable for your target audience and be able to make the right match and filtering. 

b- Social distancing or face to face?


In this process where social distancing is important, virtual fairs provide social distance and bring companies together online safely. However, it lacks one of the advantages of traditional fairs; it fails to ensure that you establish close and warm relations with companies and people. 

c- If you manage your budget well, it will reduce the cost, if you cannot manage it, it will increase

You spend less money on online fairs than offline tradeshows. In virtual fairs; You save on hosting, travel, marketing, and accommodation expenses. However, if you cannot reach a sufficient number of companies that are exactly in your target audience, this may cause you to waste money, time, and effort.

d- If you use time efficiently, you will get good results.

Preparing for a physical fair takes a long time and effort. The preparation, realization, shipping, and handling of the traditional fair take months. You can prepare for virtual fairs in less time and with less physical effort. It’s just that your team needs to master digital as well. You can also solve this through education. 

e- Virtual visitor reports or real person reports?

Only with a very good organization and systematic work can you follow up all the people who visit the stands, buy brochures and leave their contact information at physical fairs accurately and completely. Virtual fairs are superior to traditional fairs in this regard. You can get detailed reports more easily.  

In summary, you can prefer online fairs because they eliminate high booth rental costs, transportation, installation, catering, team, and transportation costs. However, due to the lack of the effect of face-to-face communication, it does not seem realistic to expect it to replace traditional fairs in the near future.

Online Fairs and Coimex


In this period when traditional fairs cannot be organized, we believe that it will be the best solution for you to participate in online fairs and take advantage of the advantages offered by Coimex membership. Coimex is a complement to virtual fairs, not a competitor.

Similar and Dissimilar Aspects of Virtual Fairs with Coimex

Products are displayed 24/7 at Coimex


The most important advantage of Coimex membership over virtual fairs is that you can exhibit your products 24/7 not only during and during the fair but also throughout your annual membership, which is 365 days a year. We are not a “fair”, so you use the system within the features of your membership throughout your membership, not for a certain time period or under certain conditions. 

Coimex members communicate directly with decision-makers



You may not always be able to form one-on-one communication with decision-makers in virtual fairs. However, thanks to Coimex membership, you communicate directly with decision-makers, just like in traditional fairs, and you benefit from the advantages of one-on-one, warm communication based on trust. 

Seeing and Capturing Opportunities Instantly

In virtual fairs, visitors can only benefit from the special advantages offered by the participating companies during the fair. With Coimex membership, both importers and exporters see the buying and selling product offers shared by the companies in their target audience throughout the year and are instantly informed about the opportunities. 

Foreign Trade is Discussed 7/24 in the Coimex Community

In virtual fairs, you get together with trade professionals, but you can’t have a one-on-one chat in a short time. When you become a member of Coimex; With the Coimex infrastructure, you benefit from a very comprehensive social media platform where commercial information, product offers are shared and foreign trade is discussed.  


Click here to learn in detail what benefits Coimex can offer you, as well as virtual fairs, and to take advantage of membership benefits.

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