“By actively and appropriately using Coiwall, you may be visible, promote your firm and products to the industry, and be open to chances through sharing.”

Sharing information about your firm and goods on Coiwall, Coimex’s internal social media platform where our members exchange sectoral knowledge and creative ideas about their products makes you more visible and helps you to advertise your products and company to a broader audience. Through Coimex newsletters, some of your Coiwall posts reach tens of thousands of firms in 108 countries that are not yet active Coimex members. For our members, we prepared this “How to Write Effective Content on Coiwall” article.

Why Should You Share Content on Coiwall?

1) It increases your visibility within the Coimex community

Actively using Coiwall—Coimex’s internal social platform—allows you to get the attention of other members. Sharing information about your company, goods, and industry helps other Coimex members to get more familiar with you and your offerings.

Coiwall Düzenli Paylaşım
A good example of Instanta from our members

2) It improves your company's trust and credibility

Sharing information about your firm and its products frequently on Coiwall demonstrates that you are an active company in foreign trade. Other members’ trust in you grows as they learn more about your company and products from the posts you have shared.

3) Your posts are sent through newsletters to firms other than Coimex members

Your Coiwall posts are distributed not just to Coimex members on Coiwall, but also to tens of thousands of additional firms and individuals who are not yet members, via e-mail marketing. As a result, you reach more people in your own field.

4) It enables you to track sectoral developments

In addition to contributing information about their company and goods, many firms share sectoral information on Coiwall. Thus, sectoral foreign trade is discussed on Coiwall. This helps you to track sectoral trends better and remain up to date.

5) It offers cooperation and many other opportunities

Besides exchanging product opportunities on Coimex, it helps you to comprehend what type of partnerships you may have with other Coimex members. Through the posts, companies share about themselves, their products, and sectors, it also allows you to see and seize various opportunities.

What Should You Do to Benefit from Coiwall and Get Efficient?

1) Constant posting

You may achieve efficiency by sharing on Coiwall at regular intervals. If possible, Coiwall posts should be shared once a week. If not once every 2 weeks, or at least once a month in the worst-case scenario.

2) Sharing content that will educate and inspire other members

Coiwall İlham Verici Paylaşımlar
Sharing of Hleks, one of our members, about ice cream

Instead of sharing sales-oriented content, it will be most beneficial for everyone to share content that benefits and inspires Coimex and the foreign trade community. Others can benefit from your posts, and you can benefit and be inspired by the content of other members.

3) Prioritizing diversity above uniformity in sharing

Posting about the same subject and uniform content on a regular basis may lead other members’ interests to wane after a time. To avoid this, instead of posting information with identical lines, produce many articles on the same subject, about the same product, in different themes and approaches.

4) Participating in discussions with other postings

Interacting with other companies via Coiwall postings may allow you to interact with additional members, allowing you to communicate and even form new partnerships. Receiving and engaging will boost exposure and draw attention.

What Types of Content Works Best for Sharing on Coiwall?

1) When attending fairs as a company, share visuals from the fairground.

2) Share crucial partnerships, agreements, meetings, or events on Coiwall. For example, meeting with an ambassador, with a chamber of commerce, etc.

3) Inform other members when there is an important development concerning your firm. For instance, obtaining a certificate or establishing a new branch. Entering a new market or being honored.

Coiwall Ödül Paylaşım
Sharing of one of our members, Sum Fresh, about their success

4) A meeting between your firm and one of the other Coimex members. These are the posts we want to see the most in the Coimex community and on Coiwall.

5) Creating a success story in and of itself and sharing your achievement as an inspiration to the sector.

6) When it comes to seasonal items, offering seasonal knowledge helps you to contribute to the sector. For example, the season has begun, and the season is coming to an end. Data on yield and revenue.

Coiwall Hasat Paylaşım
Avocado sharing of Athi Farms, one of our members

7) To share legislative changes pertaining to the product or advancements in international trade. Products, for example, whose import/export is forbidden or limited.

8) When you introduce a new product or add a new product to your product portfolio, it is made available to the community.

9) Sharing the inconceivable, innovative, and unique uses of your product can help inspire and interest other members.

10) Share an eye-catching detail about your product. Working with a single system, for example, and coloring with natural ingredients.

11) To notify customers about unexpected price increases and decreases in the market for the goods. You can provide product information as well as national information.

12) Inquiring about or soliciting feedback from other members on your new product concept.

Actively and appropriately using Coiwall allows you to be recognized, market your firm and products to the industry, and be open to chances through sharing. You may communicate with numerous individuals and take a vital step toward communication thanks to Coiwall shares. The exchange of sectoral information on Coiwall by members guarantees that your international trade information is always up to date. Furthermore, discussing diverse and interesting applications of things might encourage you.

Begin actively utilizing Coimex. Message other members directly and create a success story with Coimex like these two members, and instantly share your accomplishments on Coiwall. 

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